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File: pipe.go

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File: pipe.go
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: goridge
Run Golang code from PHP calling its RPC server
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package goridge import ( "io" "sync" ) // PipeRelay communicate with underlying process using standard streams (STDIN, STDOUT). Attention, use TCP alternative for // Windows as more reliable option. This relay closes automatically with the process. type PipeRelay struct { // How many bytes to write/read at once. BufferSize uint64 mur sync.Mutex // concurrent read in io.ReadCloser muw sync.Mutex // concurrent write out io.WriteCloser } // NewPipeRelay creates new pipe based data relay. func NewPipeRelay(in io.ReadCloser, out io.WriteCloser) *PipeRelay { return &PipeRelay{BufferSize: BufferSize, in: in, out: out} } // Send signed (prefixed) data to underlying process. func (rl *PipeRelay) Send(data []byte, flags byte) (err error) { rl.muw.Lock() defer rl.muw.Unlock() prefix := NewPrefix().WithFlags(flags).WithSize(uint64(len(data))) if _, err := rl.out.Write(prefix[:]); err != nil { return err } if _, err := rl.out.Write(data); err != nil { return err } return nil } // Receive data from the underlying process and returns associated prefix or error. func (rl *PipeRelay) Receive() (data []byte, p Prefix, err error) { rl.mur.Lock() defer rl.mur.Unlock() if _, err :=[:]); err != nil { return nil, p, err } if !p.HasPayload() { return nil, p, nil } data = make([]byte, 0, p.Size()) leftBytes := p.Size() buffer := make([]byte, min(uint64(cap(data)), rl.BufferSize)) for { if n, err :=; err == nil { data = append(data, buffer[:n]...) leftBytes -= uint64(n) } else { return nil, p, err } if leftBytes == 0 { break } } return } // Close the connection. Pipes are closed automatically with the underlying process. func (rl *PipeRelay) Close() error { return nil }