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Role: Example script
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Class: Cipher Sweet
Encrypt data in away that can be searched
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Encrypting and Searching with Boolean Fields

While searchable encryption is straightforward with text inputs, boolean data (TRUE or FALSE; sometimes also NULL) presents unique challenges.

In general, it is not possible to protect a boolean field in isolation while still being able to search on it, since there are only 2 (or 3, if NULL is allowed) possible inputs.

For example, if you're storing HIV status as a boolean by studying the blind index and observing that ~90% of people have one value and the rest have another value, attackers can make an intelligent guess on which records are TRUE and which are FALSE based entirely on context and statistics.

However, all is not doomed. We provide a few tools that can be used to minimize data leaks.

CipherSweet Features for Protecting Boolean Fields


The simplest solution is to use EncryptedRow instead of EncryptedField.

Instead of operating on naked string data, EncryptedRow operates on a one-dimensional associative array. Fields will be encrypted in-place and compound blind indexes (i.e. a blind index constructed of multiple fields at once) are much easier to use.

For example:

use ParagonIE\CipherSweet\Backend\FIPSCrypto;
use ParagonIE\CipherSweet\Backend\ModernCrypto;
use ParagonIE\CipherSweet\BlindIndex;
use ParagonIE\CipherSweet\CipherSweet;
use ParagonIE\CipherSweet\CompoundIndex;
use ParagonIE\CipherSweet\EncryptedRow;
use ParagonIE\CipherSweet\Transformation\LastFourDigits;

/ @var CipherSweet $engine */

// Define two fields (one text, one boolean) that will be encrypted
$row = (new EncryptedRow($engine, 'contacts'))

// Add a normal Blind Index on one field:
    new BlindIndex(
        [new LastFourDigits()],
        32 // 32 bits = 4 bytes

// Create/add a compound blind index on multiple fields:
        new CompoundIndex(
            ['ssn', 'hivstatus'],
            32, // 32 bits = 4 bytes
            true // fast hash
    )->addTransform('ssn', new LastFourDigits())

In the above example, since the contact_ssnlast4_hivstatus blind index depends on the last 4 digits of the contact's social security number AND the boolean hivstatus field, it has a keyspace larger than 1 bit, and thus leaks less information via hash collisions.


Safely storing boolean fields with the EncryptedField API, rather than the EncryptedRow API, is possible but requires a bit more glue code.

Util::boolToChr() and Util::chrToBool()

CipherSweet provides a congruent method for compacting a nullable boolean into one character

The Compound Transformation

The first rule for protect boolean fields is to never create a blind index on a boolean field in isolation.

Instead, consider using the Compound transformation to combine multiple values together.

Example Snippet

This code assumes an abstract $dbh object that supports an API that looks like this:

  • `insert(string $table, array $fieldToValueMap): bool`
  • `search(string $table, array $conditions): array<int, array<string, mixed>>`
use ParagonIE\CipherSweet\KeyProvider\StringProvider;
use ParagonIE\CipherSweet\Backend\ModernCrypto;
use ParagonIE\CipherSweet\BlindIndex;
use ParagonIE\CipherSweet\CipherSweet;
use ParagonIE\CipherSweet\EncryptedField;
use ParagonIE\CipherSweet\Transformation\Compound;
use ParagonIE\CipherSweet\Transformation\LastFourDigits;
use ParagonIE\CipherSweet\Util;

$provider = new StringProvider(
    new ModernCrypto(),
    // Example key, chosen randomly, hex-encoded:

/ @var CipherSweet $engine */
$engine = new CipherSweet($provider);

$field = (new EncryptedField($engine, 'contacts', 'hivstatus'))
    // Add a blind index for HIV status and the "last 4 of SSN":
        new BlindIndex(
            // Name (used in key splitting):
            // List of Transforms:
            [new Compound()],
            // Bloom filter size (bits)

$lastFour = new LastFourDigits();

// Storage
$ciphertext = $field->encryptValue(Util::boolToChr($hivStatus));
$index = $field->getBlindIndex(
    [$hivStatus, $lastFour($lastFourSSN)],
$dbh->insert('contacts', [
    'hivstatus' => $ciphertext,
    'contact_hivstatus_ssn' => $index

// Retrieval
$lookup = $field->getBlindIndex(
    [$givenHIVStatus, $lastFour($givenLastFourSSN)],
$results = $dbh->search('contacts', ['contact_hivstatus_ssn' => $lookup]);
foreach ($results as $result) {
    $status = Util::chrToBool(
    // ... Do whatever else with the results