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Class: PHP IBGE Cidades
Find cities from Brazil using IBGE codes
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PHP Lint<br> Simple library to retrieve Brazilian city and respective state from the IBGE code.<br>


Just require the library using Composer composer require carloswph/ibgecode-php.


Simply autoload and instantiate the IBGE class - including an array of the searched codes as parameter. From the initial instance, the class admits methods to get the respective city, the state or both. All methods return an array of results.


require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

$try = new IBGE(['5200050', '2300101', '99999999999']);
$try->getCity(); // return an array of city names for each code
$try->getState(); // return an array of state codes for those
$try->getBoth(); // return an array of arrays, each with key-value pairs for cities and state codes

An additional chained method is available to return JSON, as follows.

$try = new IBGE(['5200050', '2300101', '99999999999']);
$try->getCity(); // return an array of city names for each code
$json = $try->toJson();

echo $json;

// Results in:
// [{"cidade":"Abadia de Goi\u00e1s","estado":"GO"},{"cidade":"Abaiara","estado":"CE"},["C\u00f3digo Inexistente."]]
// The toJson() method admits the parameter true, which returns the JSON response in pretty print format.