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File: src/js/clock.js

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File: src/js/clock.js
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: eXperience GuestBook
Application for users to send guestbook messages
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Last change:
Date: 9 months ago
Size: 2,050 bytes


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//Orologio: function createtime() { var time = new Date() var hours = time.getHours() var minutes = time.getMinutes() var seconds = time.getSeconds() var dName = time.getDay()+1 var mName = time.getMonth()+1 var dayNr = ((time.getDate()<10) ? "0" : "")+ time.getDate() var abbrev ="AM" /*if (hours>=12){ abbrev="PM"; } if (hours>12) { hours=hours-12 }*/ if (hours==0) hours=12 if (minutes<=9) minutes="0"+minutes if (seconds<=9) seconds="0"+seconds if(dName==1) Day = "Domenica" if(dName==2) Day = "Luned&igrave;" if(dName==3) Day = "Marted&igrave;" if(dName==4) Day = "Mercoled&igrave;" if(dName==5) Day = "Gioved&igrave;" if(dName==6) Day = "Venerd&igrave;" if(dName==7) Day = "Sabato" if(mName==1) Month="Gennaio" if(mName==2) Month="Febbraio" if(mName==3) Month="Marzo" if(mName==4) Month="Aprile" if(mName==5) Month="Maggio" if(mName==6) Month="Giugno" if(mName==7) Month="Luglio" if(mName==8) Month="Agosto" if(mName==9) Month="Settembre" if(mName==10) Month="Ottobre" if(mName==11) Month="Novembre" if(mName==12) Month="Dicembre" var ctime=""+Day+" "+dayNr+" "+Month+" - Ore "+hours+":"+minutes+"."+seconds+"" if (document.all) document.all.clock.innerHTML=ctime else if (document.getElementById) document.getElementById("clock").innerHTML=ctime else document.write(ctime) } if (!document.all&&!document.getElementById) createtime() function loadtime() { if (document.all||document.getElementById) setInterval("createtime()",1000) } //Pop-up //N.B.: Non occorre modificare il titolo qui perche il titolo cambia a seconda del titolo rella pagina. function articolo(str,dat) { searchWin =,'articolo',dat); } //Aggiungi a preferiti //configure the two variables below to match yoursite's own info var bookmarkurl="" var bookmarktitle="Modeltreno.Tk - Un viaggio nel mondo del modellismo ferroviario" function addbookmark() { if (document.all) window.external.AddFavorite(bookmarkurl,bookmarktitle) }