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File: test1.php

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File: test1.php
Role: Example script
Content type: text/plain
Description: Example script
Class: Yet Another Pager
Database row pager with edit and search support
Author: By
Last change: Fix the include statement
Date: 18 years ago
Size: 3,577 bytes


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 * test1.php
 * Module yap testing program 1
 * $Header: d:/cvs/classistd/yap/test1.php,v 1.8 2004/04/27 21:12:06 Administrator Exp $
// Include the msgbox class
// the module itself
// The session are required, start it
 * Open the HTML page. The module make the html code to show the contents
 * but not open or close the page. The caller must provide the requireq code
 * to start and to close the page
echo '<html><body>';
 * Sql statement to retrieve the data to show. Two statement are required. The first
 * give the row to show, the second one allows to retrieve the number of rows
 * returned by tre previous sql statement.
 * Notice the 'where '. If you don't add condition (i.e 'where id>1'), you must add
 * the 'where' without any other condition (the module append to it the condition
 * that it get from the search box).
 * If you add some conditional statement you must end the statement with 'and'
 * (i.e '... where id>1 and ') to allow to append the required search patterns.
$SelectQuery='select id, DEvent, errno, text, filename, line from dlog where ';
$SelectCount='select count(*) from dlog where ';
 * Start to prepare the parameters for the module
//Db Connection parameters
$db_info=array('servername' => 'localhost',
'dbname' => 'log',
'user' => 'root',
'password' => '',
'selectquery' => $SelectQuery,
'selectcount' => $SelectCount,
/* field to use to order the rows
                * it must 'selected' from $SelectQuery
'orderfield' => 'id',
/* order A=upward, D=descending*/
'orderdirection' => 'A',
/* should the module open the connection
                * to the database? */
'needopendb' => true
// Allow to search on the field DEvent and errno.
$Search_field=array(array('description' => 'Event Date',
'fieldname' => 'DEvent',
/* A=alphabetic, N=Numeric */
'type' => 'A',
'size' => 14,
/* use regex to match the field
                           * contents against the requested
                           * string */
'useregex' => 1 ),
'description' => 'Error Code',
'fieldname' => 'errno',
'type' => 'N'),
// Fields to show for each row
$Show_field=array(array('fieldname' => 'id',
'header' => 'Id'),
'fieldname' => 'DEvent',
'header' => 'Event Date'),
'fieldname' => 'errno',
'header' => 'Error Code'),
'fieldname' => 'text',
'header' => 'Description'),

$Show_info=array('prefix' => 'tst1',
'showdethref' => true);
// I don't setup the detail mode, the add/modify/delete row functions

// new class istance
$p=new CYap($Search_field, $Show_field, $db_info, $Show_info, $Modify_info);
// Show it
// That's all folk!