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Detecting Default Printing

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Subject:Detecting Default Printing
Summary:I am using this class for a Queue Management System
Author:Shehzad Asghar
Date:2009-09-23 12:11:41

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Picture of Shehzad Asghar Shehzad Asghar - 2009-09-23 12:11:41
I am working on Queue Management System that runs in the intranet environment.

There is a main server where my php/mysql application is running and then there is a kiosk machine which reqests a web page from the server fetching all the services in the database which the user can click in order to get tickets.

I have shared the printer physically present at the kiosk machine with the server and set it as a default printer at the server so that aprint class detects it and directly prints at the kiosk machine printer.

When ever i go for implementation - this thing always gives me a problem as the server doesnt detect the printer at the kiosk machine and shows warnings and when it starts working and again the server is switched off - the same problem starts.

I have enabled the printer dlls and do i need to implicitly define the default printer in the php.ini some hwere or not.