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x-Axis value of 0 (Zero) not displayed

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Subject:x-Axis value of 0 (Zero) not displayed
Summary:code fixe
Author:Thomas Gottfried
Date:2010-04-06 16:49:17

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Picture of Thomas Gottfried Thomas Gottfried - 2010-04-06 16:49:18
That's really a nice script.
Very easy to use and helpful to visualize data.

Unfortunately data linked to a x-axis value of 0 (zero) is not displayed.
After a litte debugging I found the solution:

In line 262 the empty-function is used. For this function 0 is equal empty.

To solve the issue just replace empty($value) by _empty($value) and create a new funtion

function _empty($string){
$string = trim($string);
if(!is_numeric($string)) return empty($string);
return FALSE;

somewhere in the class.

Now you will see the x-axis value.