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Subject:Slight Issue
Summary:I have a slight issue with the CertGetApproverEmail command
Date:2011-05-14 13:26:37

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Picture of ben ben - 2011-05-14 13:26:37
Hello, I am scripting a section on my site where people can purchase and configure SSL certificates, through enom, using this class.
However, I am having an issue with the CertGetApproverEmail command, which (with a given domain name) responds back with a list of approved email contacts for the domain name.
From the API docs, an example responce (in XML format) is given below.
<Approver Type="Domain"> <ApproverEmail></ApproverEmail>
<Approver Type="Generic">
<Approver Type="Generic">

I cannot get the class to work when dealing with responses like this when there are multiple 'ApproverEmail'. It just returns the last one on the list.

I hope my explanation is understandable, and would appreciate any help to get this working!
Many thanks,