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Subject:newbie question
Summary:Can het lr=<language> to work
Date:2010-08-11 05:36:16

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Picture of danny danny - 2010-08-11 05:36:16

I am trying to implement video's only in dutch language, but it does not work:

const FEED = "";

It still gives me english video's.

Also When the function in executed, how to actually embed the video so it shown?

Now i get something like this:

array(1) {
object(video)#6 (20) {
string(12) "SilverMagics"
string(41) "Console wars between the PS3 and Xbox 360"
string(29) "Cool wars between ps3 and 360"
string(48) "Console, wars, between, the, PS3, and, Xbox, 360"
string(64) ""

How to use this info to embed?