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Correction, problem

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Subject:Correction, problem
Summary:I found a problem in tutorials 3 & 4; also in SetTitle
Author:Alan H. Lake
Date:2012-08-09 19:12:09


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Picture of Alan H. Lake Alan H. Lake - 2012-08-09 19:12:09
In tutorials 3 & 4, in the function Header, two references are made to $title. I had to change them to $this->title to make them work.

The version of FPDF that I have, has the line
$title = $this->_UTF8toUTF16($title);
This conversion doesn't allow me to output the word "Täälä". The "ä" is on the Finnish keyboard. Can you help me to find a conversion that will allow me to write Finnish?

Thank you for producing this great software.