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Class:Zip Stream
Description:Create ZIP archives for large number of files

Subject Last update Replies
OSX El Capitan Download Issues
Can't download zip files from any browser on El Capitan
2016-06-15 18:53 5
vendor/autoload.php not found
vendor/autoload.php not found
2015-02-19 11:30 0
Cannot open zipped files in mac
Zip files created with zipstream cannot be opened in Mac
2014-07-16 15:23 39
Updated Code
I had a few problems and fixed them
2011-10-07 06:30 2
Cannot adding all files
generated zip file is corrupt..
2011-08-16 12:13 2
How to add subdirectory path
Subdirectory path does not work
2011-05-09 13:08 4
Output Buffer test isn't quite right...
Change to test for output buffer contents.
2011-02-20 06:39 1
We'll be using this package...
Use Notification
2011-02-04 21:09 1