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Subject:Check Please ....
Summary:.rar extension and .sql formate
Author:Abdullah AL Mamun
Date:2016-02-03 05:33:32


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Picture of Abdullah AL Mamun Abdullah AL Mamun - 2016-02-03 05:33:32
How are you?
I am using your davbackup and it's awesome. You made a great class that helped me a lot. Thanks to you for your work.

I need some information from you....
I want to use the .rar extension and in your class you mentioned about the .rar extension and there need an another class from

Can you please tell me that how can I integrate this class with your class that you made

and one more thing ... In your class you managed the database export system in .sql formate. If I want to use another system like(.zip, .gzip).... is it possible ??

Hope that you will got my point.... Waiting for your reply and Thanks again :) :) :)

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