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Name: Josh Barger <contact>
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  Files folder image TAR File Manager  
A PHP Implementation of the TAR Format manager.
A PHP Implementation of the TAR (Tape-Archive) Format most commonly used on UNIX Operating systems. This class works on both Windows and UNIX for reading and writing TAR files. It even supports Gzipped TAR files if you have the ZLIB PHP module installed on your server!

Key Features:

- This class uses no external programs!!

- Supports Gzipped TAR files

- Can read and write TAR files in regular or gzipped modes

- Can append multiple TAR files into one

- Generates Fully compatible TAR files tested to extract in both GNU TAR under linux and WinZip under windows

- Add Files to TAR file

- Remove Files from TAR file

- Save TAR file to currently open tar file or a new tar file

- Check if a TAR file has a certain file in it

- Extract files from TAR archives
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