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Name: Gerd Weitenberg <contact>
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Display a bar that reflects the progress of a task
This class is meant to display the progress of a server side task by the means of bar that is displayed and updated in an HTML page.

This class is a fork based on ProgressBar class written originally by Mika Turin.

This version of the class features:

- Rewritten the JavaScript and DHTML code to generate valid XHTML 1.0 strict code
- Added the setDirection() function to move the progress bar in all directions
- Added the hideBar() and unhideBar() functions to hide or unhide the progress bar
- Added the moveMin() and moveNext() functions to restart the bar or move it to the next step
- Added the setFrame() function to display a nice window like Frame around the progress bar
- Added the addLabel(), setLabelPosition, setLabelFont and setLabelValue() functions to display different Labels like step,percent,crossbar or text.
- Added the setBarColor(), setBarBackground() and setLabelColor(), setLabelBackground() functions to change the colors at any time.
- Added the addButton() function to display a label with button
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